Willie Taggart Continues Halloween Tradition Of Wearing Whistle & Pretending To Be A Real Coach

Tallahassee, FL: In a not so shocking turn of events, Willie Taggart returned to a classic outfit on this final day of October.


The fearless leader of the Florida State Seminoles put his whistle back on and arrived at the FSU Football facilities dressed and acting like an actual football coach.


Players were shocked to see him with an actual play book in his hand. "We haven't seen a playbook since the Jimbo days. This was really different," one player remarked.



In previous years, Willie Taggart has sported this same design. When asked why he always dresses up as a coach with a whistle, he told us, "My dream is to be a real coach and this is the best way that I can fulfill that dream."



We have also learned that Coach Kendal Briles and Analyst Jim Leavitt did not show up to campus today so that Willie would actually feel like he was running the show; a nice touch for them to put their feelings aside during a key rivalry week.


There's no news yet to whether or not Willie will wear the costume on Saturday when FSU welcomes Miami (of Florida) to town.


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-- The Producer

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