Well, Well, Well. How The Turntables…

Big 3 Twitter is not for the faint of heart.


Yesterday, Iverson Clement (UF Running Back) tweeted (then deleted) that he was, watching film on Miami and that their upcoming matchup with the Canes was going to be a breeze.


Brad Tejeda took the opportunity to drop an absolute gem of a tweet.


Home Run. Grand Slam.

As a retired Twitter Troll, I couldn't have laughed harder when I saw this tweet. Brad knocked it out of the park. The kid had something smart to say about his team, Brad saw an opportunity, and then crushed it.


Then, things took a... turn.

UF Twitter is somewhat notorious for this, but of course they weren't going to let Brad's troll go unpunished. I don't know exactly who found this out, but I follow Four Verticals, so he gets the credit here.


UF fans found pictures of Brad in full UF gear and immediately accused him of dual fanship.



What a backfire!!! You CAN NOT get caught in the gear of your rival after posting one of the best tweets of the week as a troll.


Brad's story is that he lost a bet with his fiancée and that he had to wear the gear as part of the bet. They never thought it would get this big. This very well may be true, but what unfortunate timing it is.


I guess the biggest takeaway here is for Brad (and anyone else who has a tweet go "semi-viral" in Big 3 Twitter): Go ahead and lock up your other accounts or get the pics of you wearing a rivals gear off of them.


What do you think? Does Brad have dual fanship or was this an untimely bet that burned Brad?


Does Brad have dual fanship or did he get caught unlucky after a bet?

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