Wakanda Forever!

There’s no need to worry about Florida State Football Recruiting.


Let me take you back to the year 1966. A blazing meteor crashed into a small country in Africa. Little does everyone know, this small country is known as Wakanda. That meteor contained the powerful substance known as Vibranium.


For decades, the small nation of Wakanda used Vibranium to advance their civilization by keeping the powerful substance a secret from the rest of the world. However, the leaders of Wakanda agreed to supply only one foreigner with this substance.


This man's name is Willie Taggart.


It took him years to experiment with this substance and how it could help his football teams. At Western Kentucky, he was just starting to see the potential of Vibranium. At USF, he began to notice the true power of Vibranium. However, the power was not fully realized in all of the players. It only seemed to take effect on star QB Quinton Flowers.


At Oregon, he had successfully injected his starting QB with Vibranium. This led to a fantastic start to the season, until the Vibranium evaporated from the QB’s body and then he became injured. Oregon just simply did not have the facilities and resources to successfully utilize the Vibranium.


Now, at Florida State, Willie Taggart has an infinite amount of resources to inject players with Vibranium. The school has written him a blank check & the memo says, “DO SOMETHING.”


However, he must be careful to not get caught. Therefore, instead of recruiting 5 stars and bringing attention to the program, has been recruiting 3 star athletes and injecting them with Vibranium as soon as they step on campus.


We don’t want a Nevin Shapiro situation in Tallahassee. The process has been slow and steady, but the results are guaranteed. You may ask, what will Willie Taggart say when the media sees these results on the football field? Willie will respond “Coaching and development, folks, it’s all about coaching and development.”


And what will the FSU fan base say? In unison, they’ll shout, “WAKANDA FOREVER!”


Via: @PraiseJameis03. (No, that's not TJ's burner. He wouldn't have let someone else have credit for this article.)

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