Top 10 Events I’m Glad FSU Football’s Twitter Account Was Not Around For

FSU’s Football Account made another gaffe on Twitter this weekend. This time, the tweet was up for around an hour before enough backlash finally caused them to delete something yet again. With the final season of Game of Thrones set to premier, FSU Football tweeted this.

Of course, fans of all teams were there to point and laugh at yet another social media blunder. In fairness, at least this time, it was just a poorly done edit and not the greatest Civil Rights leader of all time wearing a Florida State glove while doing the tomahawk chop. Very fortunate, I know.


You don’t have to be a graphic design or social media expert to realize that FSU Football’s Social Media Team and Graphic Designers aren’t much of a priority these days. We’ve broken it down on this website before. (You can read a few thoughts on that here.)


Yesterday’s blunder got me thinking, though. I’m glad that Twitter is a relatively new app. I’m also glad that Florida State Football’s creative team hasn’t been around for very long. This team can’t even handle MLK Day or the premier of Game of Thrones. Could you imagine their tweets/edits/takes for important historical events?


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: The Top 10 Events I’m Glad FSU’s Football Account Wasn’t Around For.


#10 The OJ Simpson Trial

The trial of the century captivated the nation. Racial tensions were high and so many people had such strong opinions on what did or did not happen. We’re thankful that FSU’s Football account wasn’t around to put Garnet and Gold gloves on OJ during the trial.

#9 The Fall of The Berlin Wall

In 1987, Ronald Reagn told Mikhail Gorbachev to, “Tear down this wall.” Five years later, the wall was down. East and West Berlin were no longer separated. I am sure the last thing we needed to see was a Florida State tomahawk in Berlin.

#8 Brutus Stabbing Julius Caesar

Et tu, FSU? Perhaps the greatest betrayal in recorded history would have been the most (im)perfect moment for FSU to let recruits know how loyal they are.

#7 Moon Landing

You conspiracy theorists can stay out of this one. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for Seminole Nation.” Could you imagine the cheesy photoshop that we’d have gotten with this one?

#6 Victory (over Japan) Day

One of the most celebrated images of WW2 was the image of World War II was the image of the Sailor kissing his wife after returning from war. One has to wonder how they’d have tried to make such an iconic moment about FSU.

#5 Signing of the Declaration of Independence

One of the most important events in our nation’s history. The moment we declared our independence from Great Britain was monumental for America. Would it have surprised you to see FSU’s Football Account use this as a recruiting pitch?

#4 JFK’s Assassination

One of the most tragic days in the history of our country was the day that John F. Kennedy was killed. The outrage would have been off the charts if FSU’s Social Media team would have been around to post after this awful event.

#3 The Wright Brothers’ Invention of the Airplane

I can only imagine the awful edit we’d have gotten had Twitter existed for this event. The only thing I question here is whether the punch line would be as cheesy as the image.

#2 The Sailing (and Sinking) of the Titanic

I can see this playing out perfectly in my mind. The “unsinkable ship” is making its maiden voyage across the Atlantic. FSU’s creative design team thinks, “We’ve finally got a home run of an idea.” They tweet this image along with a caption that says, “Set your sails with FSU and you’ll never sink.” Five days later, the first edition of It be your own tweets is born.

#1 The Resurrection of Christ

It’s Easter Week, so the relevance here is paramount. (I’m also a little worried that FSU’s Football account may do this now that I’m typing it out.) With the ever-present need to social media accounts to be on the cutting edge of what’s current, this would have been a disaster in the making. Three days earlier, the Savior of the World had just died. Moods are at an all time low. Jesus rises from the dead and FSU sees the chance to capitalize on the positive momentum, certainly offending everyone and going viral again for the worst of reasons.

If FSU Football's Twitter account commemorates any of these events by doing edits similar to the ones you've seen here, I refuse to be held responsible. If anything, I see this article as a good thing for you to tag @FSUFootball in so that they won't make that mistake. Awareness is everything.


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