The Resurgence Of The Kosi Hive


Nkosi Perry started his career at Miami as the “handpicked” guy of coach Mark Richt. The fan base was excited about his potential to run the “RPO offense” and take the place of seemingly lesser talented Malik Rosier.

Even after Rosier reportedly beat Nkosi out for the starting job last fall camp the fan base wasn’t buying it. They were still calling for his start even after being suspended game 1, a game where he could’ve gotten valuable reps in some mop up duty after LSU took them to the woodshed.

Well, Rosier continued to struggle and Nkosi eventually got the start. After a few decent games vs below avg teams the wheels began to come off the tracks. The play on the field was trash and Perry seemed more interested in becoming the next Brian Pumper rather than Mike Vick.

After a few porn tapes and questionable decisions on social media the Kosi Hive was finished and had set their sights on a new hero. They began calling for Mark Richt's second hand picked QB: Jarren Williams.

Fast forward a few months... Mark Richt quit the job and Manny Diaz was the guy at the helm with his handpicked guy from the portal, yadda yadda yadda.

The Tate Martell hive was born and the fan base was once again excited because it was different this time and they were back again as The New Miami. The tweets and build up to spring practice was exciting. The Kosi Hive was dead and the fan base had moved on to either Tate Martell or Jarren Williams.

Well, practice has started back and it looks like The New Miami is looking like The Refurbished Miami. Tate Martell has struggled to even throw a decent spiral and the hype has dwindled. Nkosi has out performed him at practice and scrimmages. He is seemingly leading in this 3 man QB competition. The Brian Pumper protege and handpicked guy of Mark Richt is back. The fan base has begun the process of back tracking of old takes and the buzz is building again.

Welcome to The New (Refurbished) Miami!!!

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