The Hero of Doak

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Manny Diaz strut towards midfield to the roar of applause, having lead the Miami Hurricanes to a resounding victory over Florida State. As he peered across the wave of garnet pouring forth from the brick facade that encompassed Bobby Bowden field, he swelled with pride and couldn’t help but smirk at the thought of liberating his alma mater of Willie’s cancerous reign. In an emphatic embrace with Coach Taggart, Manny whispered, “You’re free, Willie. Don’t you dare look back.”


Willie struck an odd glance at Manny as Coach Diaz slipped back to the sea of green and garnet, oblivious to the fate dictated unto him by this hero embroidered in rival colors. Manny was paraded unto the shoulders of his team, having done naught but render the rivalry mute for another season. Florida State was a frail menace of the glory it once commanded. It sickened Manny to his core the thought that, to some, this game was still considered a clash of powers.


Grazing across this field of timeless consequence, Manny and the Miami Hurricanes littered this once proud place and exposed it’s fraudulence to the sound of 27-10. Seeping within the moment, Manny was riddled with resounding confidence in the direction of his program. Yet nestled within him lay solace in this sacred site. A fleeting moment in time for some, he knew, would prove a profound ripple in the dynamics of this state.



Tallahassee was a crippled heap, all shriveled and having forgotten what this game once was. Coach Diaz, a son of Bowden, knew the blood of champions coursed within him. Doak Campbell was a hollow shell of what he had known then.


Stealing away in victory, Manny simply nodded and took to celebration with his team. The ripples of consequence had set forth, and his team set itself unto its course. Willie’s fate was sealed. This foe was defeated, and the crippled fanbase that poured from the stands was palpable in their seismic relief.


Manny Diaz had liberated this city of criminal offense. The Miami Hurricanes, of all teams, would be the ones to lead the Seminoles towards a new era. As profound realization hummed over him like the cheers Noles and Canes in unison, Coach Diaz understood the severity of this day. The Miami Hurricanes would be the font of renewal necessary for this city to take action. His team is the catalyst that will help combat the depravity that this rivalry stooped to.


To the sound of thunderous applause, amidst a sea of garnet and green, Coach Diaz stood. The Hero of Doak.


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Above Photo via: Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

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