Swagger Jagger

Willie Taggart started his tenure at FSU as a supposed elite recruiter as well as a trend setter in the recruiting world.

After a full season it’s safe to say we all had this wrong. It seems as if Mullen is the trendsetter these days. He's also the one appealing to kids that Willie Taggart was supposed to easily relate to. Willie’s best moves have been to mimic the moves of Dan Mullen.


The internet found it wildly hilarious when Dan Mullen was seen posing with recruits doing the Kodak Black Glee pose --(especially FSU fans). Of course, Willie copied Dan's swag and did the same with recruits.


It didn’t stop there. Dan later started to have parents of recruits dress up in game day gear for photos and pose with their kids. With Dan being the trendsetter that he is, William Taggart soon followed up by doing the same exact thing.


Willie's reputation was that he was a guy that was supposed to relate to these kids because he’s from the same environment. I just don't see that being the case at all.


This week was going way too smooth for the fighting Willie Twerkers. Their social media team made it through Easter without offending Jesus or the Easter Bunny. But, then Willie ruined it by posting the world's tackiest Jordan shoes of all time.


None of these kids relate to flea market Jordan’s, not even the poors. I don’t know who’s in charge of Taggart's baggy suits or his foot wear but someone needs to call the feds and report him ASAP. I know Dan Mullen inspired him to #DoSomething, but like the late great Lil Baby once quoted, "Drip too hard don’t stand too close, you gon fuck around and drown, Off this wave!!"


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