State of the Big 3

Thank you to everyone in the Big 3, even the Haters and Losers (there are many), for another Tremendous regular season of College Football in Florida!



The Gators have made incredible progress and will finish as a Top 10 Program, despite what the Fake News Media reports. We had Record Crowds at The Swamp every game (I get the most Tremendous crowds, Thank You) and Ratings have never been higher.


The season started with a win over the Miami Hurricanes, which would have been by many more points, if not for the Collusion by Fake News ESPN, who needed a close game for second-half ratings. Miami was smart to avoid a rematch in a Bowl Game!


At Kentucky (shithole program), many Low-IQ “experts” and “analysts” were worried when Feleipe Franks was injured, and claimed our season was “lost” or “over”. However, Kyle Trask stepped in and did a Tremendous job (set numerous records, in less time), just as I said he would – very few understand College Football better than me! Kyle may be, quite possibly, the best QB in the Country (Emory Jones second)!



Bo Nix was stupidly considered by many (like Goofy George Wrighster) to be the Greatest Freshman QB Ever, until he was completely and thoroughly exposed in the Swamp, by the only good defense he faced all year! Unfortunately, the Fake News Media seems to have completely forgotten how bad he really is after he appeared somewhat competent against the worst defense Alabama has fielded in years, in terms of points.


The Gators finished the year by beating the Seminoles, who had no chance against us and may be even worse next year, regardless of their coach! The only losses on the season, to Top 4 teams, were the result of Crooked Refs and bad calls. If the Gators were treated fairly by the referees and the Fake News Media, we would be undefeated, ranked #1, folks! Too Bad, we will continue to WIN! Orange Bowl will be a breeze!



The Failing Florida State Seminoles were primed for a great season, with a very easy schedule, and many thought they had a chance to win close to 10 games. The sad reality of the situation was that Willie Taggart was their coach – an important detail people failed to account for!


Fake News Pundits were raving about the Noles during the first half of the opener against Boise State, only for the Floundering Noles to completely and totally blow the game. They managed to escape against ULM (should have lost), then promptly choked again against Basketball School Virginia!


After racking up more narrow wins against ACC Bottom Feeders (not including the Canes), the Noles were thrashed again by Clemson in an important “measuring stick” game, then destroyed by Miami at home! They finally got smart and canned Willie (which I said they should do long before) but oh well, what do I know?


It is quite the shame Willie is gone - I was his biggest supporter and would have loved to see him stick around! They ended the season with False Hope Victories under Odell Haggins before losing BADLY in The Swamp. Gators would have won by more, but I felt bad for Odell and wanted him hired!



Failing Florida State finally hired Mediocre Mike Norvell (Bob Stoops and I laugh about it on the phone every weekend) and will lose most of their good players after this year! At least the Noles have a chance to get a Signature Win in the Tony the Tiger Bowl (Low Ratings)! Overall, it was a Tremendously sad season – a complete disaster! Will 2020 be better? Not with Norvell!



As hard as it is to believe, the Miami Hurricanes may have had an even worse season. Their blunders started when they paid a big buyout for their new coach, who had been on their own coaching staff just one month before.


Maybe if they had read The Art of the Deal, they wouldn’t make such dumb moves – other AD’s mock their stupidity! The Canes were also set up with one of the easiest schedules of all time, with no ranked opponents after the Gators, but still managed to (unsurprisingly) mess it up! The Chokin’ Canes peaked in a Week 1 Loss to the Gators and things began to unravel from there when they blew another game against Basketball School UNC and barely slipped by Jim McElwain (the ultimate embarrassment).


At least they managed to beat FSU (not a tall order). I thought the Canes would beat Georgia Tech and FIU, but even the most Stable Geniuses can be wrong (rarely). It is quite impressive to see the worst two losses in Program History happen in a two-month span – Great Job Manny!


Miami ended the season with a double-digit loss against heated rival Duke, and a berth in the Independence Bowl, which no one plans on watching. Don’t worry Canes fans, only a few more years of Dopey Manny Diaz until you can hire your next Mediocre coach!



The season was great (many are saying greatest ever) and seemed to go by too quickly. Next season cannot come quickly enough! Thank you to all supporters of the Big 3 Rollup, and all my supporters - I have a 100% approval rating, among Gator Fans. ENJOY the Postseason, and I will continue working hard (no one works harder) to Make the Gators Great Again! #MGGA


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