Sources: Taggart Consulting UF For Tips On Hydration

In a shocking development, sources close to the program have told the Big 3 Roll Up that FSU Head Coach, Willie Taggart is consulting the University of Florida for help with their hydration problem.


As reported first by Curt Weiler, Taggart said that the team didn't hydrate properly and may need to begin earlier in the week.


Florida State had several players cramping up on Saturday afternoon. This was strange to many fans, as the team practices full time in Tallahassee. Boise State players (who primarily practice in Idaho) did not seem to have the same hydration issues.


Local Rapper, TaReef Knockout suggested a possible solution for FSU's issue:


Sources close to the program say that Taggart and his staff are intrigued by the fact that only two hours away, there may be a solution to their hydration issues.


The thirst quencher: Dr. Robert Cade, the lead inventor of Gatorade and a professor at UF.


FSU has reached out to UF to ask about the way their training staff uses products like Gatorade, H2O, and other liquids to keep their players from cramping up during games.


To our knowledge, UF has not responded yet.


Neither FSU's or UF's training staff could not be reached for comment.


Stay tuned to the Big 3 Roll Up for all updates on this developing story.


-The Producer

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