[Sources] FSU Decides Against Paul Revere Tweet After Recent Backlash

Multiple sources have indicated to the Big 3 Roll Up that Florida State's social media team has decided against a tweet featuring Paul Revere today.


After much backlash over holiday posts in the past, the social media team for the Seminoles is doing their best to be sensitive and not offend folks. Here at the Big 3 Roll Up, we've even tried to clue them in on things they should avoid posting in the future.


Today, on Twitter, @RicO_Suave03 posed this question:


Our Producer saw the tweet and responded with a joke of his own:


Our sources can confirm that FSU's Graphic Design team was in fact working on this very edit today. We've managed to get the edit and the tweet that was set to go out from our sources and are sharing an exclusive look at the travesty with you all.



This is a developing story. You can check back in with the Big 3 Roll Up for any and all updates.


(Photo via: @BHath4 on Twitter.)


-The Producer

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