Silk Opens 40 Burgers in Tallahassee

“YOOO it’s 40 Burgers up in here!”

...hollered Big 3 Roll Up host, now business owner, Unkle Silk from the grill as local residents in Tallahassee started pouring in. You could sense excitement in the air as both students and lifelong fans of Florida State flooded the restaurant, eager to get their hands on some of them burgers.


“That’ll be $14.41, hope you enjoy them burgers!” Silk would hoot, ringing up specialty burgers with every order. To Silk, dropping his first 40 Burgers in Tallahassee was a long time coming.


“Tally always been special. Knew I needed to drop 40 on em first,” Silk said, whipping out his menu for our preview. “We got ourselves 40 Burgers on this menu. For folks with simple tastes, we got ourselves the Lethal Simplicity burger. Need an extra kick, I got the hookup with our JRoc Sliders. Even got some Do Something nuggets for the kids, 5 ‘n 7 meals.”


Opening up his smoker, Silk even served up what appeared to be Relationship Ribs for an order placed by area resident Tillie Waggart. “Ring, ring, ring! Another great call for 40 Burgers up in Tally!”


“Wish I could smoke up some of these relationship ribs back home, can’t figure these kids out,” area resident Tillie Waggart commented, scarfing down the specialty platter Silk made just for him.


“Oh, we outchea cuh. We droppin 40 Burgers in Orlando. We droppin 40 Burgers in Duval. We droppin 40 Burgers in Gainesville. Pull up!”


Unkle Silk is reportedly saving all these receipts for when he drops 40 Burgers in other cities across the state.


Written by Ed Kennedy. You can follow Ed on Twitter at @EdKennedyV.

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