REPORT: FSU Thankful Articles Revealing How Broke They Are Aren’t Behind A Pay Wall

A couple of articles hit the World Wide Web today. Neither was a great look for Florida State.


The first was written by one of FSU Twitter's all time least favorite people, Matt Baker. Matt detailed how FSU's head coach was not on the hot seat, due to the fact that FSU couldn't really afford to buy out his contract. You can read his article here.


The other article was written by Ira Schoffel. Ira is well liked in the FSU community, but his article was one that also cut deep. He explained how FSU's season ticket sales were down considerably (to their lowest point in the last 5 years). You can read Ira's article here.


The good news is that both the Warchant article and the St. Pete Times article were posted publicly and not behind a pay wall. If so, FSU wouldn't even be able to log in and see how poor they are or how they're struggling to make money through season ticket sales.


I wouldn't consider this a major win, but for a program that's been struggling to find many wins these days, it definitely is something to build upon. Add this to the fact that it's been over a week since our last social media blunder and the fact that we had a recruit jump up 3 stars last week. Things are definitely trending up in Tallahassee!


-The Producer

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