Report: Contrary To Some Opinions, Fans Just Want To See Wins

Researchers at the Big 3 Roll Up have stumbled upon a rather groundbreaking and stunning development today. The discovery came as part of an ongoing effort to dive into the deeper issues within college athletics.


Though, it has recently been supposed that any FSU fans that criticized Willie Taggart might be racist, research now confirms that those fans actually just want their football team to win games.


A previous report from Insta Gator was thought to have been correct, in which he stated that anyone who didn’t think Taggart was a good coach was suffering from racist tendencies.



Insta Gator was not available for comment for this article.


Though it was a widely held consensus that fans were critical of Coach Taggart for inappropriate reasons, the more and more we dug, the more we found that fans weren’t complaining about Taggart’s skin color, but rather his win-loss record.


Since coming to Florida State, Taggart has a 6-9 record. Nole Nation is tired of losing.


Another reason we believe that the complaints about Taggart aren’t racially driven is that several former FSU players who are also black seemed to be pretty critical of the head coach also:


Antonio Cromartie:



Travis Johnson:



Nick Moody:



Will Taggart turn it around? Will he get things straightened out in Tallahassee? It’s unclear as of now. What we can tell you is that Florida State fans (and former players) want wins and it’s as simple as that.


-The Producer


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