Refreshing Manny on ESPN

After his loss to The Real U Saturday, it seems Manny Diaz might not be the best fit for the Canes, and that’s okay!


Manny has something to fall back on, which is nice. See, Miami’s favorite son and I have something in common: we were both Production Assistants at ESPN. While I went on to become a Graphics Producer at The Worldwide Leader, he went on to work his way up the coaching ranks.


However, Manny hasn’t been in Bristol for quite some time, so I’m here to give him a refresher course on what to expect when he (probably) returns in a couple months.


1.Finding Video – When you were back at ESPN, you pulled video off tapes with SD quality, coincidently that’s where you can find Miami’s last national title highlights. Now everything is digital, so no need to work too hard and unlike your current job, you won’t in be over your head.


2.The Cafeteria – The biggest change to campus is the cafeteria. What once was dull is now a palace, where you have more options to choose from than Miami decommits. You even have a soft-serve ice cream machine, so there will be no dark nights, because ice cream solves all.


3. Bristol Still Sucks – One thing that hasn’t changed however, is Bristol. I have no idea what will be back first, the city or Coral Gables University. I do have some good food spots for you in West Hartford/Hartford, so hit me up for that (Bears Smokehouse, always a great choice).


Thanks for sitting in on ESPN 101, (soon-to-be former) coach Diaz. Good luck back in central CT.

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(Above Photo via: Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

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