Recapping: From The Peek To The Pitt

Ali and TJ are back for From The Peek To The Pitt.


This week they break down the games between UF/USCe & FSU/Wake & more. Take a dive into the episode with us here. (Timestamps included!)


Starting off, Ali and TJ get into the Florida vs South Carolina game. Ali wasn’t able to watch the game (due to her baby shower) and TJ listened to Mick Hubert (B3RU Alum) as he drove his family to Disney. Mick wasn’t super thrilled (3:30 mark) with the officiating. Many fans of both teams felt the same way here.


Ali took note of Muschamp’s irate mood and called him the “Angry Librarian” (4:30 mark). His press conference is something you should absolutely go listen to. Don’t want to miss the conversation here.

The Florida vs South Carolina game was really a coin flip until the 4th quarter according to TJ. (10 minute mark.) Ali gives UF a ton of credit for playing really well in the 4th Quarter this year (minus the LSU game). This game was absolutely no exception to that.


They start their FSU/Wake breakdown at the 13:25 mark.


“FSU is the worst P5 team when it comes to adjustments.” – TJ (15:20 mark)


Play calling talk starts at the 16:55 mark. Sounds more and more like Taggart did have an increased role in play calling, which is something that has come out since our pod was recorded.


“We snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.” – TJ (18:15 mark)


More indecision from Taggart leads to taking a timeout, missed kick, and the debacle at the end of the game. Also, quotes came out that we didn’t practice for wet weather, which is also fairly asinine.


“Practicing for wet weather is in chapter 2 of coaching, right after hydration. So, maybe Willie hasn’t gotten there yet.” – Ali (19:50 mark)


TJ answers how this loss to Wake Forest changes his outlook on the rest of the season for Florida State at the 20:55 mark.


If FSU loses Saturday, TJ makes quite a bold prediction at the 22:20 mark.


Ali shares a story about how the Ron Zook firing went down and how she had the inside scoop before the team new. (25 minute mark.) They both then talk about the pros and cons of firing a coach at the end of the year and during the season around the 28:30 mark.


Title Question hits at the 40:30 mark. TJ asks Ali if Dan Mullen is a Top 5 Coach in College Football this season. They came to an agreement on it, but we would love to hear your thoughts on it!  (Vote in the poll below!)


Where does Dan Mullen Rank as a CFB Coach this season?

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Too Early Breakdown: LSU vs Alabama (47:50 mark.)


UGA Talk: 51:30 mark. What the Hell is going on with UGA?


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Why is Auburn less of a dog at LSU than Florida was? Ali asks, TJ answers.  (56:46 mark.)


It only took until the 2nd episode of this podcast, but Ali got into the UCF situation here. Start at the 58:45 mark and listen to their takes on the Knights. Ali asks TJ (1:08:18 mark) what the spread would be if UCF and UF played on a neutral field. The question came from a fan on Twitter. But, after hearing their conversation, do you think TJ got it right here?


TJ says that the only thing that makes him feel better about his team this season is the Miami Hurricanes. Listen to them talk about their loss against GT at the 1:18:01 mark.


We’re going to Bay Cannon Beer Co. on Saturday! Details at the 1:22:54 mark. Come hang out with us, Josh Newberg, Dan Thompson, Eric Wilbur, and more folks!

TJ says, “My Panthers” when referring to Pitt playing Miami this weekend. (1:23:56 mark.)


Is TJ cheering for UF to win in Jacksonville & why might he be? He gives a couple of reasons so hit the 1:26:35 mark and find out!


Way too early prediction: “If Florida goes (to the SEC championship) they don’t beat Alabama, but they do beat LSU.” – Ali (1:25:52 mark.)


Listen to the full pod here:

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