Public Response To Ed Kennedy’s Article From Monday

On Monday, one of our writers, Ed Kennedy, wrote an article which caused a bit of an uproar on Twitter. Ed's article was satire, and not to be taken seriously. We understand there was some confusion and would like to take a moment to publicly make things right.


Most of the critics (who seem to be English majors) were upset with not only the content of Ed's article, but also the way that the article was written. Complaints also poured in regarding the level of humor (or lack there of) of the article. I've gone ahead and attached some tweets as a reference point.

Lack of writing talent:


Middle school writing level:


Amateur Hour:


This fan was worried about our brand being negatively impacted, which we sincerely appreciate.


The responses were overwhelming and we at the Big 3 Roll Up want to do what's best for our fans. We've identified the issue and met with Ed and our HR team.


The biggest issue is that we don't pay very well and thus, can't attract good writers who are actually.... talented. (Sorry, Ed!) We pay our writers in Likes and Retweets.


So, we're giving everyone who was upset, offended, or triggered a few options to help! (Especially the Miami fans who hated Ed's article and lack of talent.)


1- Sign up to be a Patreon!

As a Patreon, you will get access to podcasts early, free Patreon exclusive merchandise, and you will help us attract paid writers with actual talent to our site.


2- Go buy some merchandise!

You can buy team specific gear in our store. All proceeds for sales over the next week will go to hiring writers!


3- Donate directly to our PayPal!

Fairly self explanatory.


4- Start writing articles yourself!

Since we had so many English Majors on the timeline who were not approving of Ed's article, we would love to hire some talent and get better articles on the site! If you are interested, please email your resume to


We appreciate all of the fans and hope this helps.


-TJ Pittinger, Producer/Head of Human Resources/Lead Editor


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