Opinion: Plies Support For Taggart

FROM: WestSideNole

6:00 PM, 1/30/2019

So, there's a recent video of Plies in which he answers the question of why he supports Coach Taggart.

He says he does because he’s black and also asks how there is not one black coach who has won a national championship?

I get how you want to support your own kind but at this point you need #DoSomething so folks will support. Taggart has been given the title of program changer/corrector but at this point, the fans are still in “wait and see” mode. His inaugural season at FSU put a shitty taste in everyone’s mouth. That's why the support isn’t there. I want him to succeed, as any other FSU fan or black man does, but what is there to support at this point?

In Plies case, is he for black coaches or is he just for Taggart? We see him support Taggart but have heard no word of Babers, Strong, Edwards, Sumlin, or Locksley. It may be nepotism on his part, but his message isn't hitting the right ears. Those coaches have had good products too. Taggart has yet to produce a good product at FSU. So until Tagg can come up with a winning  formula, this all sound like bullshit.

It’s bullshit because for one, it’s his homeboy and he’s gonna ride for his homeboy. Secondly, look at FSU like a business. Business right now is shaky and unstable. Look at Syracuse, USF, and Arizona State as businesses. Thing are boomin' in those places. Not only from the reputation of the coaches, but because of the product they put on the field. In my opinion, Plies is backing a shaky business (FSU/Taggart) while there are others out there that are boomin'. Doing this makes him look unreliable in his practice.

As a black man, I’m all for supporting black men. We should support one another. BUT the way he is going about it seems as if it’s a blind effort. It’s not often we get black coaches in this industry, so when one comes around we latch on, I get that. But Tagg has to show me something to have my full support. You can’t put money into a failing business and expect your money to come back to you.

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