Official Visit Recap: UF

FROM: Conner Clark

10:00 AM, 1/14/2019

Probably the biggest news to come out of Gainesville this weekend was Big-Time defensive lineman Charles Moore naming the Gators his leader. Florida is in desperate need of defensive lineman for this year’s class and Moore is one of the best in the country still on the market. Now there are still 3 more weeks until National Signing Day and a lot can happen in that time, especially in the world of recruiting but with Moore’s prior relationship with Coach Mullen and Coach Grantham and all the glowing remarks he gave about the University it’s hard not to get a little excited as a fan.


Kaiir Elam is another big name that was in Gainesville this weekend for his official visit. The nephew of former Florida Gator All-American Matt Elam who many have believed to be a Gator lean since early in the recruiting process seems like he’s ready to wrap up the recruiting process in the near future. Georgia looks to be the Gators stiffest competition for the Palm Beach County native, however in a post-visit interview Elam was asked if he would take the process all the way to signing day like originally planned and Elam said that was now “a question mark.” He was then asked what his next visit plans were and he stated that he might visit the Bulldogs next, but he wasn’t entirely sure on that. Personally, I think Elam will wait until signing day to make his announcement, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see him speed up that timeline. Should the latter happen I think the Gators are in really good shape.


Mark-Antony Richards another of the top players from Palm Beach County was also in Gainesville this weekend. A player that the staff is selling on the “Percy” role (playing running back, slot receiver, kick returner and punt returner) seemed to like everything that he heard from the staff on his trip. Richards named a Top 5 schools of Florida, Miami, Penn St, Tennessee and Auburn quite a while back and has held steadfast on that list to this point. Richards has already taken official visits to Auburn, Penn St, and now Florida which leaves him 2 more visits with 3 weeks left until signing day. However, Richards is someone that likes to think things through thoroughly and said it could be a while before he decides on if he will take anymore visits. Mark-Antony is the younger brother of current Miami Hurricane Ahmon Richards so they will be in it until the end, but I believe his recruitment will come down to Penn St and Florida.


Smith Vilbert is a prospect who’s only been playing football for a year and with his 6’7 frame teams are salivating over his upside on the gridiron. Vilbert brought several family members on the visit and seemed to have a great time and enjoyed his interactions with the Florida coaching staff but in the end, I think it will be hard for the Gators to lure him down from the northeast. It sounds like Penn St will be the team that secures his pledge.


Gators wide receiver commit Arjei Henderson was also at Florida this weekend for his official visit. Henderson was finally able to see his future home for the first time before he officially signs the papers on February 6th. It seems as though things went so well on his trip that he will not being taking any additional visits and is completely locked in with the Gators.

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