It’s funny, it’s raw, it’s real, it’s Florida State.

For the foreseeable future I’ll be doing this #NobodyFocused series with my good friends over at the Big 3 Roll Up. I promise these articles won’t be emotional. Rather informative on the state of FSU athletics. They are a fan perspective on how our administration is shifting its energy and focus (or lack thereof) and other things I may feel like discussing. I need you to focus.

So a quick history lesson on the #NobodyFocused hashtag. As some of you may know: I’ve been called the “uniform guru” for FSU Football. I tweet about FSU uniforms a lot (the good, bad, and ugly). I despise our gold numbers, and in the past I’ve got the team to wear specific combos (author note: UNIFORMS DON’T DETERMINE THE OUTCOME OF GAMES). It was then brought to my attention via Twitter as I was talking about uniform changes on January 2, 2019 that I wasn't quite focusing on the right things.

I found that tweet quite hysterical being that the season opener is only 8 months away. What more can I do as a fan? Tweet at recruits? Draw up plays to send to Coach Taggart? Fans obsess over weird things about our favorite team, like uniforms combos, hatred for looking like Boston College, and perfect shades of garnet and gold. At least I do, that’s why I’m writing this.

Anyway, this was just a warm up. So be on the lookout for the next one. I’ll be diving more into the the fiasco behind FSU, Nike, my white numbers petition, and why FSU hasn’t fixed our football uniforms in 6 years. But you already know the answer, it's because Nobody Focused.

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