#NobodyFocused Part 3: The Petition



It was brought to my attention this week that a “pointless article” written by a Chop Chat staffer was taking shots at my movement and uniform petition endorsed by Nole legend, Jameis Winston. I’ll admit, I’m giving this way too much attention, but I got some time. Get focused.

So listen here Mr. Parker, you are no Peter, you don’t spin this web. It’s time to pick a side and stay on it. Just 8 months ago you, yourself wrote up a piece about my song, Lethal Simplicity. Let’s revisit shall we. 

Fast forward to present day, “an aspiring rapper from the Tallahassee area named TaReef Knockout, actually took time out of his life to make a Change.org petition asking Nike to put white numbers back on the garnet jerseys.”

I think people, yourself included Mr. Parker, often confuse my affiliation with the program and think I’m employed by Florida State University, and that I should be focused on other things (coaching, recruiting, play calling, personnel moves). The latter of the statement isn’t true. You know what else isn’t true? Thinking I care about fixing our uniforms more than winning games. Let’s imagine, for a second, a world where both these ideas and concepts can happen simultaneously. It’s a whole new world. Open your eyes Spider-Man and reevaluate when you take the time out of your life next time.

You’re right. I don’t speak for a majority of Nole Nation, but I speak for them more than you. I speak for Jameis Winston. I speak for Alumni. I speak for Boosters. I speak for passionate fans. I speak for past and current players, and most importantly I speak for you (a fan of the white numbers). Once again, nobody focused.

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