#NobodyFocused Part 2: FSU Social Media

FROM: TaReefKnockout, WestSideNole, & TJ



So, for a while now our media team has been shit. The edits haven’t been able to compete with the likes of tOSU, Oregon or Oklahoma. The people in charge of the official page get into it with fans. The MLK Day blunder was a mess; which wasn’t even approved in the first place.


FSU twitter has KCamp, BGEdits, and others who make great edits that are available to work and compete with the likes of the upper echelon programs’ media teams. However, their talents go overlooked. I don’t know if edits mean that much to recruits but the fan base eats it up. We need something innovating, someone with new ideas. What we have now seems to be a step above copy and paste. The social media team is a mess and it seems to get worse by the day.


The 2018 season brought a lot of change to FSU. One of those changes was with our social media department. Our social media team (that’s really not a team) has taken a lot of heat, which seems to be warranted.


Nobody is focused on the bigger issues and the dangers of FSU falling behind with regard to social media. Right now, they’re one of the worst in College Football.


FSU needs a fully staffed creative team for the football program and equipment page (the worst EQ page at any level of football). Having 2 or 3 people on staff won’t cut it. Recruits care about these things and fans do as well. I know I do. That’s why I’m putting this article together right now. I see too many examples of elite social media accounts from other FBS and FCS teams. Some of my favorites are LSU, UCF, UCF, Clemson, Arizona State and Alabama. What do all these all have common you might ask? No backlash towards fans on verified accounts, no Nike vapor gloves on civil rights leaders, and no more dumb tweets that don’t make any sense. Until our administration focuses on improving the social media team we’ll keep seeing inconsistencies at FSU, and the infamous #NobodyFocused hashtag.



FSU’s social media leads the league in deleting tweets. From the MLK Graphic to this one today that was up for only a matter of minutes.

You have to hope things get better in this department. They’re trying so hard and just seem to keep failing. I guess we’re in ‘Wait and See’ mode on the social media team as well as the football team.


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