Manny’s Portal Problem


6:15 PM, 2/5/2019

Typically, when you hear about a team going out and seeking either a grad or traditional transfer you think of getting 1-2 guys that have had production at another university. You think of guys you can plug in to fill a need right away.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for most of the transfers that Manny Diaz and his staff at Miami have gotten from their “adventures in the portal.” With the high number of transfers being brought in to the program it looks like Manny is trying to use the portal just to fill roster spots. At this rate, it wouldn’t surprise to see that every one of Miami’s starters has come from the portal a couple years from now.

On paper it seems like they are bringing in some solid players. When you take a closer look, there is very little on field production in the group of new Canes that he’s brought in.

You are bringing in a Quarterback who has 28 career pass attempts and just ran away from competition at Ohio State before Fields was even declared eligible for the upcoming season. You also bring in a Safety with 8 career tackles that was put on indefinite suspension for an “undisclosed conduct issue” before the start of this last season.

Not only are you bringing in people that have very little real production at the college level but you’re also bringing in egos and personalities that can really screw up your team’s locker room. Of the 7 transfers that the Hurricanes are expected to bring in, only one has had solid production at the college level (KJ Osborn who played 3 years at the University of Buffalo in the Mid-Atlantic Conference racking up almost 1500 yards and 12 TD’s over 3 seasons.) And it remains to be seen if the kid can provide a real impact at the power 5 level, because he wasn’t exactly going up against the best DB’s in the country in the MAC.

Manny has done a great job of manufacturing hype with these moves and it’s got Miami fans excited. You can see it all over social media, with the constant portal talk. But, whether the strategy benefits the team remains to be seen. Personally, it looks like a lot of smoke and mirrors to cover up the fact their recruiting class is still sitting at number 32 in the country (247 Sports Composite) just one day before National Signing Day.

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(Photo Via: Miami Herald)

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