Let Kids Be Kids

We all know that recruiting is something that fans across the country are very invested in. Fans want to know where the top talent is going. Fans are even more interested when their favorite school has a chance to land a top player.


However, these are kids that are making these decisions. On Twitter, it is crazy to see a lot of fans that are rude to these high school kids. In my opinion, when a kid decommits from one school and decides that they want to try something else, fans should let the kids have fun with the process.


For example, in the 2021 class, two former Florida Gators commits decided to decommit from Florida. While on scrolling the timeline on Twitter, I saw some fans talking smack to both kids.


The two kids who were committed were a couple of five-star recruits in Trevonte Rucker and Bryce Langston. They are teammates at Vanguard High School in Ocala, Florida.


Fans need to relax. Both kids are recruits who have two years until they make their college decision.  Like previously stated, let kids be kids and let them enjoy the process.


This will be the best times of their lives, and the last thing that they want is some middle-aged man on Twitter telling them how they’re wrong for decommitting from their favorite school.


In reality, I’m sure the opposite of some people’s intentions becomes reality. When someone talks smack to a recruit for decommitting, that recruit remembers that and likely considers how he was treated when making his final decision.


At the end of the day, this isn’t just one fan base. Several (probably most) are guilty of it. Don’t fall into the trap. Let the kids be kids.


Lastly, to all the recruits out there: have fun with the process and choose the best school that fits you, for not only sports but for your education as well. Don’t worry about the haters. Do what’s best for you.


Written by Keith JR. Follow Keith on Twitter at @Keith_JR95.


(Above Photo Credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

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