Keep That Same Energy

Well that wasn’t ideal.


Florida State shocked the nation for the first half against Boise State, scoring 31 points in the first half in what was assumed by then to be a complete route of the pesky Group of Five program.


Boy, we did NOT keep that same energy moving into the second half. The disciplined and veteran OL and defensive front that Boise returned the second half all but squashed any adjustments Kendal Briles may have applied. The one offensive drive FSU seemingly had going for them resulted in a fumble recovered by Boise. Mind you, any points scored in the second half would likely of resulted in a Seminole victory versus Boise State. Even then, while the offense failed to score in the second half of the game, their first half performance should be commended and enough for the victory, providing ample enough opportunity for the defense to make plays and halt Boise.


The defense, needless to say, couldn’t get out of it’s own way. Chunk plays and sustained drives, pushed by a run game that FSU couldn’t seem to figure out, resulted in the defense failing to turn the ball back over to the Nole offense frequently enough for it to stand a chance against the Boise State onslaught.


The result: a 36-31 loss in the home opener for the 2019 season.


Time for me to stand in the paint and keep that same energy.


I have not given up on this team, not after one game. Florida State faithful shouldn’t either. You should be critical of coaching adjustments made in-game, specifically on defense. But this game does NOT mean this team is destined to fail.


ESPN FPI has Florida State losing against UVA, Clemson, and Florida, with some variation of predicted victory versus the remaining schedule (ranked 26th in FPI currently). If you’ll recall from my pre-season prediction I had FSU losing those three games. I still have them losing those three games, mind you, but I’ll keep my energy and now project an 8-4 season as opposed to 9-3.



That first half performance was still, legitimately, Florida State football in 2019. That is a marked improvement from this past season. With this schedule, it will likely be enough to get us to bowl eligibility at minimum.


But make no mistake, the coaching staff needs to do something heading into UVA, and with either a win or loss, keep the faith versus Louisville and NC State. Heading into Clemson at 2-3 or worse would be nothing short of disastrous for the Taggart regime, the locker room, and for the program as it stands today.


2019 is here, Seminole faithful. It’s time to keep that same energy vs ULM.


Via: Ed Kennedy. You can follow Ed on Twitter HERE.


(Above Photo via: Mark Wallheiser/Associated Press)

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