It’s All About The (Decommit) U

Fans of rival schools often fight about the most trivial titles. Florida State and Florida argue about which school is DBU (Defensive Back University) endlessly. Miami brags about being NFLU, as they've put a ton of players in the league over the last two decades.


One title exists that nobody in the Big 3 (or anywhere) wants to claim.


Decommit U


Florida gained and lost a commit tonight, which of course set social media ablaze.


Miami Hurricanes fan, @FL0so tweeted a couple of shots:


Florida fan, @BrostaDelMar fired back with some stats:


This got me thinking (something that doesn't happen often on a Friday night): Which team in the Big 3 really is Decommit U? Someone has to hold the title right? So, buckle up. I've done a little quick research for you and you can decide for yourself you can trust the plainly laid out numbers that are before your eyes.


(Decommits from 24/


Decommits during the 2020 Cycle:

Miami 12
Florida 7
Florida State 0


Decommits through the last 5 years:

Miami 73
Florida 49
Florida State 36


Decommits through the last 10 years:

Miami 105
Florida 82
Florida State 64


Over the last decade Miami averages over 10 decommits per cycle, Florida averages a little over 8, and Florida State averages around 6. I'd have to imagine FSU's numbers are the lowest because over the last decade, they've only gone through one coaching change, while Florida and Miami have both gone through 3 coaching changes during that time.


So, there you have it. A quick and easy breakdown of decommits across the Big 3. Over the last year, five years, and 10 years Miami wins when it comes to having the most kids decommit.


Don't feel bad Miami fans, this is a title that we can definitively prove and there are no rival fans who will try to take it away from you. Your team earned it.


-The Producer

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