It’s About Damn Time


1:30 PM, 2/3/2019

Deonde Francois has been dismissed from the FSU Football Team.

Same ole shit just a different day. 12 was in the news again. This time for allegedly beating his baby mother up on camera. Y’all remember Diamond right? She's the girl that called the police on him for weed several months ago.

Early in the beginning stages of the offseason we had controversy. During the season we had controversy. Now, days before signing day, the controversy was back again.

With 12 at the helm, the locker room and morale of the team was plummeting. Trouble seems to follow this man wherever he goes and I imagine some of the players were sick of it as well.

Taggart released a statement this morning, that Francois was no longer part of the program and that the team would be moving on.

At this point as a fan how could you even still support this guy? Skipping senior day, the weed fiasco, dancing in the locker rooms, nonchalant answers, and now this issue. I’d hate to play for someone like him, personally.

The team will now look toward (fan favorite) James Blackman as the leader and the QB for the upcoming season. Fans had been begging for this move all of last season and we'll see what he can do with a full offseason of knowing that he's the guy. Willie made the right decision here. It was the only thing he could do.

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(Photo Via: Orlando Sentinel)

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