#FlashBackFriday: 101

Wanted to start a segment where we take a look at past takes and debate them. Tweets, spoken words, and theories change quickly.  However, there seems to be no accountability whatsoever.


This segment each Friday will be a chance to take a look at past statements and debate them. Past experiences are usually the best way for self improvement.


First up:


Unkle Silk

He made this statement about Marco Wilson being the BEST CORNER BACK on Florida's roster. There are a couple of things to examine here.

  1. Currently, there seems to be a fandom with Gator fans crowning Henderson the best corner back. Do you believe Silk still has this take? Do you agree with it?


  1. If you listen closely, there seems to be a relationship between Wilson and Silk. Do you think he made this statement because of that reason? Also, if he makes statements like this based off who he knows that how many others have received this treatment?


Just some things to debate. Let me know your thoughts!


Via: Tia C. You can follow her on Twitter at @GoatLatia.

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