Fear and Loathing

Everything went exactly as planned. After hearing all summer about a new culture, discipline, and offensive continuity under new offensive coordinator and women's rights activist Kendal Briles, FSU came out guns blazing.

Kendak Briles at Bayor, looking sneaky...


We saw it all.


Long runs. Deep passes. Screens. Deep passes. Screens. Deep passes. Screens.


Briles was clearly in his bag.


The offense played so well that the historically good and never disappointing Caucasian DBs that Boise put on the field seemed uncharacteristically slow and out of position.


But there was one thing that no amount of scheming, planning, or preparation could prepare FSU for...

Shit wrong picture!


William. Bartholomew. Taggart.


Yes with an 31-19 lead at halftime most men would have given up on finding ways to lose. They might have just accepted that they had the better team and were more prepared than the Mountain West opponent before them.


But not Mr. Taggart, no sir.


We saw it all.


The team came out of the locker room flat, the offense looked unorganized and generally ineffective. The defense actually managed to look worse than it did in the first half.


Willie was clearly in his bag.


And just like that, an 18 point lead vanished faster than FSU fans could say, "Jimbo come back." It was a marvelous spectacle put on by a man whose specialty was supposed to be offense, but instead seems to be mediocrity; until you realize that he struggles to even get to that point.



Times like this remind me of one of my favorite movies: Uncle Buck. In one scene Buck, played by John Candy, takes his young niece and nephew bowling. He helps his niece roll the bowling ball down the lane and it barely touches the pins, the pins stop the ball and none of them fall. He tells her "if the object of the game was to get the ball closest to the pins, you would be champion of the world."


That's a lot like Willie as a coach. If the object of college football was to have all the momentum in July, Willie would be going for his second championship in a row.


Willie had all summer to prepare and he did not disappoint. After 13 games, his long term plan of making Jim McElwain look like Nick Saban seems to almost be reaching its goal. After the noise about being the best team in the state, being on a revenge tour, strength and conditioning: there seems to be a lot of fear and loathing in Tallahassee.


See you boys in November.


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