Endorsement: Joe Johnson Should Be FSU’s Social/Digital Media Coordinator

DISCLAIMER: I write a lot of satirical articles on this platform. I write a lot of things that poke fun at different things that have happened at FSU, Miami, and UF. But, this post is the furthest thing from a joke.


Florida State's struggles with Social Media and Creative Design is something we've covered EXTENSIVELY on this site. Sometimes in a joking manner and sometimes in a serious, fed up manner.


Today, a job posting came out for a Social/Creative Design Coordinator. Fans reacted the way that fans do (myself included) with jokes and even a celebration of sorts that FSU was looking to right a ship that's been heading in the wrong direction for quite some time.


I really don't want to drag this on too long, so I'll get right to the point.


Florida State has a fantastic option for this role and they should look no further than Joe Johnson.


Joe grew up a HUGE Noles fan. He was born in Tallahassee. You won't find a bigger supporter than him. If you scroll back far enough on his Facebook (which I did today) he's literally in the hospital kissing one of his newborn kids with a garnet Seminoles hat on.


For years, Joe perfected his craft. He made several FSU designs that he got players to sign at FSU Fan Days. He made a few shirts that were FSU themed (a few of which I bought back in the day). Seminole fans have always loved Joe and his creative talent.


In 2016 he was hired as the Football Graphic Designer for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Joe moved his family to Stillwater. We were happy for Joe's big break but sad to see him leave the FSU family.



Joe was then offered a job with the University of South Carolina in early 2017. He became the Athletics Creative Director there. He and his family reside in Columbia today.

(Joe & daughter. She's pictured in the featured image at the top of this article. Eight year difference between the two pics!)


With Joe as their Creative Director, South Carolina was awarded the 2018 Marketing Team of the Year Award by the National Association of Collegiate Marketing Administrators (NACMA).


Joe's designs have been featured in ESPN. His Pokemon design caught the attention of a national audience and struck gold with the largest sports network in the country.


My biggest complaint with FSU's Social Media and Design team has been that there is no real sense of direction. I've spoken with guys on in state design teams and know that this is where FSU is lacking the most. They're all over the place.


This is FSU's chance to make an amazing hire. There are a lot of people who do very cool stuff in the FSU fan base. There are a lot of die hard fans. There are a lot of nice people. That said, I could not endorse a better person for this opening at FSU than Joe Johnson.


Watching Joe's talent grow from 2012(ish) until now has just been fantastic. He's an incredible designer, his talent is remarkable, and Florida State will not find a better fan.


I felt it'd be appropriate to include some of Joe's recent work.



You can check out more of Joe's work HERE.


I'm not sure if I've convinced you or not. I don't really care. I know Joe is the right guy for the job. He'll probably yell at me for putting this together, but it's the right thing to do.


I'd love for you guys to show him support. Tag @FSUFootball and tell them you think that Joe Johnson is the guy for the job. Let's get him back from South Carolina and bring our boy home!!!


-The Producer

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