What if the Miami-UF annual series never ended?  


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17/01/2019 6:09 pm  
Miami fans love to tell Gator Fans "You've only beaten Miami once in 30 years"
 This gives Miami fans a sense that they own the series with UF.  But, the reality is that they've only played a handful of times since 1987 and luckily for Miami, they didn't have to deal with UF during Spurrier's mid-90s heyday and only had to play Urban Meyer once during this dominant run. Unfortunately for UF, as they transitioned out of the Spurrier era, they had to play Miami 4 times during the Canes early 2000s run of dominance.
So, I'm going to have some fun with this and predict what would've happened if they continued to play annually:

1988- in Gville- Miami would've whooped UF and danced all over the Astro Turf at BHG Stadium

1989 -in Miami- Same as 1988
1990- in Gainesville- UF win- I can see UF winning this one as Spurrier  makes a statement in Year one. Spurrier names BHG the Swamp after this game. Before Cane's fans get all chesty bout UF having no chance in this one, keep in mind that Miami lost road games to BYU and ND this year. They also came close to dropping one at San Diego St. So, losing in Gainesville to Spurrier's 1st UF team isn't outside the realm of possibility.
1991 - in Miami- Miami wins big-- Miami gets revenge in raucous Orange Bowl
1992 - in Gville - Miami  wins this one as Torretta, Horace Copeland, and Lamar Thomas light up Ron Zook's defense. This is Spurrier's 1st loss in the Swamp
1993- in Miami- UF Wins-- Jimmy Johnson's 'Croots are gone. The "U" era is over. UF wins. This is also a big deal because it ends Miami's home win streak that dates back to 1985. 
1994- in Gville- Uf wins a close one . Warren Sapp starts a pre-game fight at midfield
1995- in Miami- UF Wins Big-- Butch Davis in year one. Spurrier makes a fool of him
1996 -in Gville- UF Wins- 42-0 UF at Halftime. A total embarrassment for probation riddled Miami.  Spurrier mocks Butch Davis after the game. "Maybe them NFL boys should stick to the NFL. This is big boy football"
1997- in Miami- UF Wins- Spurrier's whipping boy, Butch Davis, is on the hot seat after another blowout loss to Spurrier. Gator Boosters fly a plan over the Orange Bowl expressing their love for Butch Davis. Spurrier mocks Miami again "I bet alot of them Miami folks are wishing they had listened to Sports Illustrated and dropped football"
1998- in Gville- UF Wins- Closer than the last three years but Spurrier and UF pull it out. Miami is getting better.
1999- in Miami-UF wins Another close one. Spurrier continues to own Butch Davis
2000- They Actually played - Miami wins
2001 -in Miami- Miami wins big- Gator fans always play the "what if" game about the Tennessee game getting pushed to December b/c of 9/11 and then losing to Vols and not getting a crack at Miami. I know fellow Gator fans will crucify me for this, but Miami would've blown UF out. 
The 2001 Miami team was one of the greatest teams I've ever seen. UF had a very good team but would've been overwhelmed by Miami, IMO.
2002- They played - Miami Win 
2003 - They played - Miami Win
2004 - They played - Miami win
2005 - in Miami- UF wins- Urban methodically dismantles Miami in the OB. Fans start grumbling about getting rid of Coker. With this one, keep in mind how good Urban was in rivalry games and how stale the Coker had gotten.
2006 - in Gville - UF Wins- Blowout win for UF. Miami fans are on red alert about Coker.
2007 - in Miami -UF Wins- Blowout win for UF. Don't worry Canes fans. Randy Shannon has a plan. He'll figure this out.
2008 - in Gville- They played - UF win
2009- in Miami- Gators pull out a tough one. Urban looks stressed. Shannon looks he has Miami headed in the right direction. Moral Victory for Miami.
2010- in Gville- Uf wins an ugly one. Fire Shannon!!!!
2011- in Miami- Another Ugly game. Miami wins.
2012 - in Gville- UF win-- Muschamp gets a win over Golden. Fool's Gold for UF.
2013- in Miami- They played - Miami win
2014 - in Gville- Who cares. Both fanbases know they are in the projects. Everything is a lost cause at this point in Al Golden's and Will Muschamp's respective tenures. This is probably a noon kick on Sec Network or ESPNU. Attendance is 72K at the Swamp
2015 - in Miami - Uf win. Will Grier and Antonio Callaway light up D'Onofrio's D.   Golden fired the next day. Uf fans think they're headed back to the top under McElwain....  🙁
2016 in Gville - Mark Richt brings an improved Miami team to Gville but UF wins as Luke Del Rio does just enough to pull the Gators through.
2017 in Miami- Miami Bigs win-- Peak Turnover Chain vs unprepared Feleipe who is under Mac's and Nuss's tutelage. Turnover chain wins big. In the post game presser, A somber Mac throws the players and administration under the bus. Scott Stricklin immediately starts making calls to raise money for McElwain's buyout. After losing a bet to Kev, Silk has to change his Twitter profile pic to the Turnover Chain
2018 in Gville- UF Wins- Mullen makes a statement and Feliepe is vindicated for his performance the year before. Grantham and Richt's son, Jon Richt, have a heated exchange at midfield after the game. Kev starts the Go Fund Me for Richt's Buyout.
2019- ????????

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27/01/2019 2:52 am  

Apologies if this is in the wrong place or not, but i'm pissed and it's taken me half hour to reply to any post. But you Florida fans are the most delusional I have ever come across. Granted you had a good year but you say Miami can't talk as we finished 7-6 yet you finshed 4-7 the year before and still chat shit all off-season. Also how you have the front to have a sly dig at the portal when you took that Louisville linebacker and acted like he was Gods gift  

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19/02/2019 4:43 pm  

UF fans have every right to be excited about the future of the program and, right now, the August 31, 2019 matchup in Orlando doesn't set up well for Miami. UF has 75% percent of its returning production coming back in 2019 and an experienced highly competent coaching staff leading the program.

Miami has a talented roster but has a lot more question marks than UF heading into 2019. In addition, Miami has a first time head coach squaring off against the deeply experienced UF coaching staff. It's not delusional to think that the game in Orlando sets up well for UF and poorly for Miami.


I think it's more delusional to think that because UF has only beaten Miami once since 1985 (when they've only played a handful of times since then), that Miami somehow has an edge in this game.