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Over the weekend FSU and the fighting Willie Taggarts had their annual spring game.

The excitement this year just wasn’t quite the same. No dance moves, no live DJ’s, no Plies, and most importantly no competent offensive line play.

BUT, there is good news. The great FSU legend, Deion Sanders was on scene once again. After supposedly turning down the DB job last year, it seems he has taken the new role as Willie Apologist and Ambassador. Which, honestly, is starting to look pathetic.

With less than half announced attendance that Florida State had last year and no commits the entire weekend, it's becoming very clear that the program is a shell of what it used to be.

Notable podcaster and Noles247 writer, Josh Newberg predicted an over of 3.5 commits for the weekend. I'm really not sure how you get half a kid, but they walked away with a beautiful goose egg when it came to commitments. There were however more fluff articles and clickbait about recruits that they lead for. All the while their rivals (who currently holds the #5 class) seemingly widened the talent gap with 2 commits and no concerts.

I fully expect that gap to increase this coming weekend when UF hosts their spring game.

So now we wait for Willie’s next hype antic to create false hope and momentum. What will it be? T Pain is a Tallahassee native and not doing much these days, so that’s a option. Or maybe one of Deion's kids can actually commit to help him keep his job as Willie Taggart's personal Flava Flav?


It’s definitely time to Do Something at this point.


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(Photo Via: Nick Lisi/AP)

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