Confidence Going Into Week Zero

As we all know Florida is about 3 weeks away from putting up a forty burger on the portal boys.


I know you’re thinking, “This is just another Florida fan trolling... blah, blah, blah." However, I’m not here to give my opinion on the game, yet. I’m here to discuss the Gators outlook (by position) going into week zero.


Let’s start on offense.

OVO Franks is back under center and looks to lead us this year with no setbacks (hopefully). Realistically, I expect him to pick up where he left off last season. Perine is the certified RB1 with Davis and Pierce backing him up.


One of my favorite position groups (and probably the deepest) is our receiving core. Call us the “ballerina bunch” if you want, but the jokes will slow down once we touch the field. Van Jefferson and Trevon Grimes lead the way with Tyrie Cleveland, Freddie Swain, Josh Hammond, Kadarius Toney, and Jacob Copeland waiting in rotation.


Add to the wide receivers the fact that we finally have some athletic, pass catching tight ends in Kyle Pitts and Lucas Krull. I’m confident going into this game with these weapons no matter who lines up against them.


Moving on to the offensive line, the only position group that gives me concerns. I'm not concerned because of youth or lack of development. It’s just due to playing time and depth. Diaz does have one of the best defensive fronts in the country, but this is the same defensive line that got gashed last year for big plays against mediocre teams. However, I trust Hevesy's coaching and Savage's conditioning when it comes to players' health.


Let's look at the defensive side of the ball.

Tater Tot Martell (or whoever the starting QB Diaz decides to sacrifice) will be in for a long night. Grantham will be licking his chops due to the fact Diaz will likely be trotting a true freshman out at left tackle. I expect Diaz to test his run game against us. However, with their line being young and inexperienced, there won’t be many running lanes for Cam Harris and DJ Dallas.


The LB room is underrated but still talented even with Vosean leaving for the draft. We still have our leader in David Reese and the potential breakout star in Amari Burney at the outside backer position. Remember we also have the head hunter himself, Ventrell Miller. UF also has plenty of depth behind those guys with James Houston and Tyron Hopper. Burney COULD experience growing pains against Miami in the passing game due to their TEs, but I’m still confident going into the game.


Miami fans have been beating their chest about Jeff Thomas and some Buffalo transfer (KJ Osborn) but neither of those guys worries me. We have the best DB tandem in the country with CJ and Marco. Don't forget the prolific freshman's Kaiir Elam. We also have Trey Dean running the star with Brad Stewart, Jeawon Taylor, and Donovan Stiner (close your eyes Harrison) running the back end. Miami has other weapons in Mark Pope and Dee Wiggins but I don’t trust their quarterback situation Like I said before, godspeed to Miami’s offense it’ll be tough scoring on this defense.


To cap off this position outlook we can’t leave special teams off this list. Evan McPherson is better than Bubba Baxa and Tommy Townsend is better than the tattooed kicker. End of story.


Overall, I’m confident on how we stack up against Miami, I’ll save my score prediction and other tidbits for another post.


Via: Darien Chill.

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