Chris Landry Dives Into The Issues With Taggart & FSU

Chris Landry has spent a lifetime in football, having served as coach, scout and administrator at the College Football and NFL levels.


Currently, Chris operates his own Coaching and Scouting Consulting business serving both NFL organizations and College Football programs.


One of Chris' podcasts on our network is Landry's College Football Show. On the show this week, Chris Landry had some opinions on Willie Taggart and what's going on at FSU.


"The reality is, he's not a good game day coach. He's not a good Xs and Os guy. That's not his strength... He's not a good leader. He's not a good manager of a staff. He's a little bit late in recognition of certain things that are going on and what's the right fit."


Chris also talked about how not being a great game day coach or Xs & Os guy isn't necessarily a problem. Dabo isn't great about either one of those things. But, Dabo is a good at delegating things and Willie isn't.


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"For Florida State to overcome their coaching, they would have to have far and away the best recruiting class in the country. They'd also have to do a better job assembling a better staff."


Chris also gave his thoughts on an outlook for FSU. "It's not impossible for Willie to do it, but it's unlikely. It's not that he can't do it, but his margin for error is so much smaller because he's lacks a certain skill-set to be really successful."


Landry wrapped up a little more positive: "I expect FSU to rebound. I think they'll play well. I expect Florida State to go to a bowl game; they've got way too much talent not to."


You can listen to the full episode here: (Chris' take on Taggart starts at the 20:00 mark)

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