Breaking News: FSU Still Can’t Figure Out Social Media

In a shocking turn of events move that shocks absolutely nobody, FSU is again the laughing stock of the Big 3 world when it comes to social media.


Running Backs Coach, Donte Pimpleton posted a picture of him in full FSU uniform (no, the numbers weren't white) on his personal Instagram.


The picture has since been deleted, but thanks to the investigative squad at the Miami Harold, we have a few screenshots that captured the moment.


We can't confirm the reports, but it sure does look like FSU edited these pictures.


This is yet another whiff by FSU on social media. #NobodyFocused


FSU fans have been seen celebrating the fact that Pimp isn't a real recruit. If he was, they were not sure he would pick FSU if the current RB coach happened to be recruiting him; a fantastic point that was brought up by the Miami Harold.


Stay tuned to the Big 3 Roll Up for all updates on this developing story.

-The Producer



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