Big 3 Roll Up Charity Golf Tournament Interviews


We had a fantastic time out at the Tarpon Woods Golf Club yesterday for our Inaugural Big 3 Roll Up Charity Golf Tournament. We interviewed a lot of celebrities and want to post them here so we can share them with you all.

Jan Stephenson is such a fantastic interview. She wouldn't let us start recording until she gave us some of her rum. We appreciate Jan for hosting this tournament for us.

Matt Grothe, former USF QB, was a natural out on the course and in the hot seat. His team won the tournament. We're definitely getting him on the podcast soon.

Chris Leak has been on the podcast before. But, it was neat to get some time with him after his round. He is meticulous about golf as you would imagine.

We didn't limit the celebrities to only football players. Jesse Litsch pitched for the Toronto Blue Jays for 6 years. We had a great time with Jesse and will get him on the pod soon.

Colonel Cary Harbaugh (Director of The Warrior Care Program at U.S. Special Operations) was an awesome guest. He gave us some insight on the upcoming Warrior Games which are coming to Tampa.

Brandon Kalp owns the restaurant at Tarpon Woods Golf Club. We were treated to an excellent meal at The Crooked Wood and had a really interesting interview with Brandon who is the owner there. If you're in the area, stop by! You won't be disappointed.

James Jones was a Full Back for the Gators in the late 70s and early 80s. Was great to hear from him about the past and the present of UF football.

We sat down with Walter Carter, who got to FSU the same year that Bobby Bowden did (1976). Hearing Walter's perspective was very cool and we enjoyed hanging out with him.

We had a fantastic time and really appreciate everyone who came out. We had more celebrities there, but these were the interviews that we were able to capture. We're all for making the 2020 tournament even bigger! Join us there next year! ROLL UP!


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