A Tradition Unlike Any Other

We're all aware of iconic duos in the sports world. Kobe and Shaq. Jordan and Pippen. Young and Rice.


There's one sports duo that doesn't get quite enough recognition though.


Miami Commits and The iPhone Notes App


We've already taken the time to explain that Miami is Decommit U.


Miami commits calling it quits is what I've labeled "A Tradition Unlike Any Other." It's been a fun joke on Twitter for a little over a year and a half. So, I've decided to have them all in one place for you all to enjoy.


(Transfer) Nigel Bethel Jr.


(Transfer) Derrick Smith:


Sam Anaele:


Bryan Robinson:


Donnell Harris Jr:


James Williams:


Ladarius Tennison:


(Transfer) Cade Weldon:


(Coaching Edition) Mark Richt:


Anthony Solomon:


Marc Britt:


Henry Gray:


Keshawn Washington:


Jaiden Francois (later recommited):


Michael Tarquin:


Kinglsey Eguakun:


Damarius Good:


Neil Nunn:


Marcus Crowley:


Elijah Roberts:




Renato Brown:


Jesiah Pierre:


Jermaine Burton (Tweet deleted):

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